Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's A Boy!

Emmett John 
We're extremely proud and happy to announce the safe arrival of our new little boy, Emmett John. Our little man arrived nearly two weeks ago, and is now settled in at home. He came on his own timeline and was delivered quickly and without any complications. We just keep on reminding ourselves and others how lucky we are to have him. Needless to say, we are all enjoying his presence.
So now I am a mother of two boys!
Emmett's gender was unknown until he arrived, and a few people have said we must be disappointed not to have had a girl. I have to say I just don't feel that at all. When Emmett entered the world I was given the chance to look down and see for myself what sex he was. Before that moment, I doubted I would care, and found that this was definitely true. I was immediately so happy he was here and safe, I didn't even for a moment feel disappointed. I'm a little bit annoyed that people could suggest you would give your new child back to get a different one. When one considers the time it took for us to have Emmett, I feel especially blessed at how healthy and content he is, and know that he was meant to be in our lives.
Now that things have settled down a bit and we feel a bit more in control of our lives, I'd like to start posting regularly. To that end, tomorrow I plan to post the big sewing project that took Emmett's bassinet from this:

To this:

I've tried to break the process down into steps in case you would like to do something similar with an outdated bassinet you already have. This project was actually much easier than expected, and think it is really achievable for anyone keen to get in and have a go. It's also a great example of making do with what you've got.
Check back tomorrow to see where we go with this!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finding Our Cure

Our little family ... plus another on the way!

Welcome to our world!
Although I've not had a blog before, I've been keen to get one started in order to document my crazy life at the moment, which could be described as being in a momentous phase.
For one: I'm a week overdue to have my second child! What am I doing attached to this keyboard when I should be out there eating pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea while walking, taking castor oil and `getting to know my husband' (as one friend called it) - all of which most people suggest could be done at the same time? All apparently good and recommended ways of getting labour started - consequently they've been thrown at me everywhere I go over the past few days! I am very ready to have this baby, but I figure it'll happen when it's ready so until next week - when the idea of inducing baby becomes more real, I'll just let sleeping babies lie.
What is the point of this blog? Well, primarily I'd like to use it to document the little projects that I do around the home, especially since I'm off full-time work for maternity leave. At the moment ... PRE-baby, that means ... I've had time to get some great little projects done. And I'm proud that I actually can do some of this stuff that I don't normally have the brain power or time to take on. Whether or not that continues after baby arrives, we shall have to see.
I'd also like to chronicle a bit about our day to day lives. It's nice to record what's happening and what your family is doing, what was very important to us on a day-to-day basis. There's so much we forget ... our kids' little sayings, the names they give the inanimate objects around the house, the things they talk about incessantly for a month before dropping the subject forever more.
What's with the title? Well I'm a doctor. I'm about to start specialist training next year, at which time our lives are going to get hectic and crazy and likely be turned upside down. We may need to move to a new city, which will create huge upheaval, financial change and family worries. But I'm not one to sweat stuff until I can do something about it, then I'll find a way to work things out. What is the point of just worrying? So, we'll have this baby, find out whether we'll need to move, deal with it if we do, and work it out from there.
Cure My Home probably comes from recognition of the fact that while I'm work dealing with other people's illnesses and heartaches, its just as important to keep this house and its occupants nurtured ... so that's the plan and this blog might well help me focus just a bit on that.
Our current home has needed specialist help this year! Although its a lovely old house, it didn't feel like `home'. There was lots of timber (floors, blinds + our furniture) and not enough fabric - it needed a personality transplant! Was I just scared to take the plunge and personalise it a little before now? Probably, but mostly it was about a lack of time. So when I called this blog, Cure My Home, its about the fact that I've felt it needed some TLC and some attention to detail to make it ours. I am in no way even close to that point yet but it's worth a try.
I also really enjoy crafts and minor DIY, so I keep on pinning like crazy on Pinterest and would love to actually act on some of those pins, so that will be another goal that I hope this blog will help me achieve.
Since I have done some creative stuff over the past year, and I am coming up on a busy patch with a new baby, I'll share some recent projects but also some others from over the past six months or so. That way there won't be so much personal pressure to not only blog but create something new worth blogging about. But, depending on bub, I'd also like to do a weekly very small project to keep things interesting. And, since I'm no great crafting expert, there has been failures, and will be again. So I'll try to keep it real and share those too.
Finally, I wish I was extremely creative and tended to come up with ideas that spread like wildfire across Pinterest but I'm just not. So I will always share the original source of an idea I'm replicating if I can find it. I may be more of a follower than a trendsetter but maybe I'll find I have something to add as we continue.
Here's a sneak peek of some of the things i'll be sharing in the next few weeks ...
Bassinet Makeover

Angry Birds Space plush toy

School holiday fun

Packet cake looking great

Hopefully, this will be fun and interesting for all involved.
Thanks for stopping by!